Return & Refund


1. Screwking is open for return/s and refund/s process, but you have to check your ordered item if they are able to return, because not all products of Screwking is available for returning process once the item had reached its returning process availability period.

2. Screwking returning process may go beyond 7- 14 days.

3. Screwking will accept your return/s only by the following reasons:

a.) RECEIVED WRONG PRODUCT. The item/s you had received is not what you ordered.
b.) WRONG PRODUCT ORDERED. The item/s you ordered is not what you really about to purchase.

c.) THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH THE PRODUCT. The item/s you had receive was not functioning or have missing parts either.

d.) DAMAGE DELIVER. The product you received had beed damaged upon delivery.

e.) RETURN ITEM. You already don’t like to continue purchase the item/s you ordered.

4. Screwking has three (2) kinds of reimbursement:

a.) REPLACEMENT – wherein your item/s could be replace by a new one due to a malfunction, wrong product delivered, wrong product received issue.
b.) REFUND MONEY- wherein your money could be returned to you, but you have to know that there could be some deductions.

 5. Screwking Returning Process

 a.) If you decide to return what you ordered just log in with your account to Screwking website ( and see “My Account” then “Orders” from there you would be able to see the status of your order if it is open for return procedures. See to it that you remember the order number of the item/s.

b.) On the right side part in line with your respective order number you could see a “Return” and “Details” tab, you can click “Return”, because that only means that your product was open for returning process.

c.) Once you click “Return” you have to fill up the “Return Reason” and the “Return Action” you want.

d.) Next to that is you have to download the Return Slip that is already included in the system or you can download it here. After downloading that, please answers the given questions regarding your Order returns completely as necessary.

e.)If the Return Slip was already filled up completely, you have to upload the form and send it back to Screwking for approval of your Order return/s.

f.) Screwking Philippines will send you an email containing your Return approval details.

10. Screwking Returning Item Process for the Customers

a.) As part of Screwking returns policy, you have to return the item completely as well as the freebies and accessories because non- compliance of this may result to rejection of your return/s.

b.)In returning your order, LBC Company is the only accredited shipment center of Screwking for your return. LBC may reject your item if:

  •   You don’t pack your order properly
  •   Return tracking number or order number are not attached or being listed on the box or parcel of the item you are about to return

NOTE: Screwking is not liable for any of your returning shipment fee

c.) An email from Screwking Phils. will be sent to you once your item is already received by Screwking.

12. Screwking Return Action Policy

a.) For replacement action of your order, it’s a one (1) week process to replace your previous order. Wait for an email for the shipment of your item/s.

b.) For refund money option of your order, it consists of 2-3 days process.

NOTE: LBC Remittance Center Company is the only accredited center of Screwking for your refunds. And expect some deductions such as shipment fee of your previous order. Once your account with Screwking is settled, we will send an email to you using regarding your LBC remittance number to claim your refund.

15. Have you ever experience difficulties? Please feel free to call our customers service hotline (049) 304-3821.


Click Here For Return Slip Form