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Grease Gun Accessories

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C-Mart L0025 is an indispensable tool for machine repairmen, car and truck maintenance technicians... C-Mart L0025 grease pump is integrated with a grease press, used to press quickly and a lot of grease inside machine parts. The C-Mart L0025 pump body is covered with a layer of soft plastic, helping to prevent your hands from being slippery when handling grease. The C-Mart L0025 pump cover is designed with an additional steam release button, to release steam when the grease tank is compressed too much. The C-Mart L0025 pump lever is designed to be long, helping to reduce the weight when pumping grease
• 120V US plug • 2pc 7.2 x 100 mm glue included
Grease Gun Accessories (Coupler)
Grease Gun
Grease Gun
Grease Gun
Grease Gun Metal Hose
Grease Gun Soft Hose
Industrial Grade Grease Gun
LGG500 Grease Gun 14Oz/400CC
LHN250 Grease Gun Hose Flexible
PAE-20003 Lever Type Grease Gun
PAE-20013 Lever Type Grease Gun
PAE-20014 Lever Type Grease Gun